Star Vikings is a
casual game that is fun,

easy to get into and that respects players' intelligence. Developed by the creators of Relic Hunters Zero and Dungeonland!

Designed for people who miss games from a time before “free to play” and microtransactions, when quality, fun and accessibility came before “monetization”.
   How does it play? It's a bit hard to describe, so check the video. But imagine a "reverse Plants vs. Zombies" where you are attacking instead of defending.

And instead of zombies you have Vikings who can level up, acquire new skills and gear!
   Star Vikings has a completely unique gameplay, is packed full of content, and will turn even your non-gamer grandma into a hardcore min-maxing machine by the time the credits roll.


· Unique Puzzle/RPG gameplay based on teamwork and chain reactions;
· 6-8 hour Story mode packed with colorful characters and dialog;
· Equip and level up your crew of up to 5 Vikings;
· Choose between six classes with unique skills;
· Procedurally-generated puzzles for endless replayability;
· “Endgame” system with Leaderboards - compete with your friends!
· Secret levels and “funny” jokes!